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Interactive Trivia:  the crowd-pleasing party innovation


Here’s the deal:  Interactive Trivia is wildly popular with young and old alike.


Planning an event?  Interactive Trivia will take your event to the next level.  Interactive Trivia events bring people together.  It’s really pretty amazing.  Don't Stop The Party Entertainment’s Interactive Trivia Hosts know exactly how to break the ice at events.


TV Game Shows For Parties


Every Night people around the world tune into their favorite TV game shows shouting out answers at the TV. Who doesn't have fun pretending to be a contestant?


So, For 100 Points:

What is the best way to make your next wedding, employee corporate training, or school event a hit?


The Answer Is:  TV Style Trivia!


Call Don't Stop The Party Entertainment today to bring a new hot QUIZ craze to your event and create a real TV game show experience! Our trivia quiz software and wireless buzzer response systems come together as a fantastic package.


We have several trivia options available, you name it, we likely already have it: Wireless buzzers, audience response keypads, game show consoles, cell phone trivia games, music/video/picture bingo, and custom built gaming systems for TV applications. Just tell us your requirements and we go to work for you.


Learn more right now.  Call us at 857-99-PARTY and tell us about your event.  We’ll go over the details on how to plan a wildly successful Interactive Trivia Event.


Interactive Trivia is more popular than ever!